Friday, May 09, 2008

Package yourself effectively

Everyone of us has a personality that operates exactly as a brand does. The perceptions you create daily in the world establish you and if we do this knowingly, with intention, then we're bound to be more effective.

I'm not a firm believer in branding as, has been endorsed by popular jargon, but what I do encourage is that we create a need through product offering.

This ensures :

- that your client realizes and knows the value you add from the onset.
- a personalized service for an individual.
- you become partners with your client.

In my conversation with Mnqobi Nyembe, who has been in youth development and has done awesome work thus far, we reached a point where it had to be concluded where self starts and business ends. He's the kind of person whose experiences have contributed in fueling passion and his work is exactly that.

In packaging yourself you have to realize the services you'll render as a brand/individual, which don't need to have conventional elements fused into them.

That conversation was eye-opener and got me thinking of all the things that can aligned with my personality/brand/service.
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