Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diversions are costly

When I started my company and needed to make an income quickly or something horrible would happen. We tended to divert from our focus and do anything that came our way, which was a mistake most new companies make.

We later found ourselves busy instead of working effectively. If you find yourself in this same place then ask yourself: Is this worth the time and money it promises?

There seems to be a lot of promises coming your way when you're focusing. Now we know that effectiveness means avoiding what you don't do and defining yourself through it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

David’s canning

The press to me tends to be dry at the best of times until exposed to certain columns that suddenly make the newspaper worth a read.

Journalists are questioning and opinionated in their nature, which I think is the very reason they had the out to lunch column in the first place. Most of the articles written by David Bullard straddle controversy anyway. If you read this article which led to his canning then maybe someone might shed some light for me.

He looks only at the possibility of a South Africa without the arrival of settlers. Is this a more controversial issue than. . . . . . Just now someone comes looking for me too.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Turning strangers into customers

With the first quater of the year having ended, most of us review our work and find the need to improve on things.

I normally go back to things I've read and relive the excitement as a means of fueling my enthusiasm. One of the reads I'm delving into is Seth Godin's Flipping The Funnel, which clearly states how you can turn people from strangers to customers who bring you more customers.

It's worth reading and re-reading if you're looking for ways to get beyond convention. If not then this post's not for you.


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