Thursday, February 26, 2009

Appreciation of little things

Ricc Webb attended one of our Netweb Events and I had a chat with him afterward. He used to work as a car salesman at Lexus, always in a suit, before some occurrences that eventually led him to a 27Dinner where we met for the first time.

“Some guy walked into the dealership one day looking like he stepped out of a skateboarder’s hangout” (not his exact words), is how the conversation started. This person wasn’t the kind you’d expect to come into a Lexus dealership, let alone say he is looking for the most expensive car on the floor and actually buy it.

They test drove one of the best cars in the dealership, played heavy metal instead of the regular jazz or classical music. Ricc told his client about the features, handling and the usual things he normally would. Along with that he also asked him about his preference in music, his interests and the things that made this guy different from everyone else.

They would normally give new car owners chocolate and cigars upon delivery of their vehicle, but this wasn’t an ordinary buyer. He was someone very similar to Ricc himself, on a Friday evening, and the gift with his delivery had to be distinct.

It is the little things that intrigue us about products, people and companies. The small things you do for me, which are distinct and memorable. How many people do you think talked about Lexus thereafter?

What fascinated Rich, some companies he gave the talk at and I, after 2years of the encounter, was the gift Ricc chose. He away put the cigars Lexus would normally provide and went out to buy a belt at a skater’s store. That minute detail caused Ricc to score himself the coolest job in the world working at Thunk. A company started by Rich 2years later. Have a look at his gift here.

What could you do to cause so much conversation?

And oh, he doesn’t miss being in suits.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3000 Blog posts: Congragulations Seth

Congragulations to Seth Godin who wrote 3000 posts in 3years. It's amazing how you still keep it fresh, informative and somehow ahead of this time.

As for my all time favorite, well that would be a hard one. Read through these to find one that speaks most to you.

Read the 3000th post here. Don't know much about him being a lucky guy though.

If you can change perception consistently for 3years, think otherworldly and apply yourself as an agent of change for this long. Then you are far beyond luck.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Interesting challenge

It has become increasingly challenging to prove value in what you offer. And everyday the goal posts keep shifting.

If your product or service is something worth using and you happen to be confident enough to let people craft it further. Then it becomes a matter of getting it out there as much as possible, without spamming the world of course. More things become unusable as new ones hit the shelves.

The interesting challenge here becomes how you continually expand your outreach, using as much relevant media to you, as you possibly can.

Once you think you have that figured, there's also the risk of becoming stale in what you thought was "unique".

Find the balance and start over again every day. Interesting, isn't it?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Netweb Event: Thank you's

The February 2009 Netweb Event was made great by the support of a lot people. There are far too many names to mention but here are some few:

  • Shamillah Wilson of Sowilo : Thanks for making it to speak and once again transforming my perception.
  • Telana Simpson: People found your interview inspiring.
  • Don Packett who not only is a comedian, but also knows his way technical stuff.
  • Ricc Webb had a very interesting story to tell about the appreciation of little things.
  • Nikki Viljoen: Thank you for making it and contrubuting valuably.
  • Lantz Mattinson: Thanks a boatload for making it and the online marketing ideas.
  • StevieB for the interview and an opportunity to spread the word.

The gig wouldn't have happened with out every single person attending as they did. We appreciate all of you guys.

Netweb Event video footage will be available for you to view on NetwebTV and our youtube channel here.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Netweb Event : Radio interview on KayaFM

I was interviewed by StevieB on KayaFM about the February Netweb Event.


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