Saturday, September 13, 2008

Personal Branding: Be the experience

We very often overlook that we are the brand buy into, and proceed to market a company. Brick, mortar and a name don't appeal a lot of the people I've met.

Chris Brogan in his book: Personal Branding for the Business Professional which you can download here, outlines a few strategies of positioning yourself as an experience. If you have valuable content, like he does, then you already have one foot in the door and become a point of reference.

He also has some useful online tools to track feedback which a bootstrapper might find useful.

Suddenly offering an experience has been made easy packaged into 2 hours of interactive reading.

Bricks and mortar will still have a market though.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Netweb / aQuaNova online talks

There are some influential business professionals who are extremely busy to attend all our talks. So we thought we should interview them and post videos of their experiences.

These would serve as bite-size loaded talks and we'll post them here. After my last post about people changing things below the radar, I realized how busy some of these guys are. Well one would be if they were to alter the world as know it.

These will be our Netweb / aQuaNova mini talks, as soon I find someone willing to give me the time of day or night. But I might first need to figure out how to work this video camera, gadget thing.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Netweb Event : September gig

The September Netweb Event was great, had some people of value and me.

Thank you all for making it. Our speaker Lantz of delivered an enlightening talk on web applications. You can view his powerpoint presentation here.

Telana of One Matchstick and Inner Coaching. She's currently trading a hot-air-balloon-champagne- breakfast and was also there.

Sitting quietly next to her was Andy, who makes it look easy to run an online company.

I'll be posting the audio and my powerpoint preso as well once it's been edited.

Thank you all guys for making it happen. I hope to see you again on 1st October.

Andy have fun at the conference in October.


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