Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A bottle of Captain Morgan

One of our speakers at the Netweb gig is giving away a bottle of Captain Morgan.

Lantz is very knowledgeable about online applications and fishing. If you get him off his computer long enough to talk to him.

Reserve your seat and pitch. You might walk away with the bottle or loads of information on marketing your business and branding yourself.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Below the radar : Changing the world quietly . . .

There some who are changing the world quietly, seemingly doing so below the radar. Call me odd, but these are people whose opinions and ideas mould our thinking.

I’d like to speak to them, find out what makes them tick and how they continue to do such amazing things. The tons of experience they’d share would be very valuable to the online community.

Some of these guys are:

Eve Dmochowska
Walter Pike

Nic Haralambous
Richard Mulholland
Scott Gray
Sarah from represent
And many others

So if they have sometime to spare soon I’ll chat to them and post our conversation on this blog. If you anything about these guys you’ll understand, but if not you’ll know after I’ve spoken to them.

The thing is they do some pretty inspiring things and what they have to share can alter our thinking.

I’ll be posting about such people on Wednesdays. And anyone else who does inspiring stuff.

Netweb defined : Who you know counts

In our search for answers while establishing ourselves and a business. We found that who you know counts in building a formidable company.

With this in mind we designed the Netweb as a series of talks and networking events. This is for the exchange of experience, contacts and marketing yourself as the story behind your business/profession.

Netweb sessions consolidate both on and offline resources to develop people. What you do with the resources is up to you. The growth of a company I believe is determined by the events which occur during its existence. The same goes for people.

So if you want to accelerate your growth by being there as things happen, then the Netweb is for you. If not, then perhaps you should read the next post.

We have no inclinations of taking over the world. It would be great to know someone who can make that possible though.


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