Friday, December 14, 2007

Do you know enough?

Most of us question ourselves about the amount of knowledge we have with regard to challenges that we’ll have to overcome. And this cannot be prevented through inaction, but because we act on it by how we approach the hurdles in our businesses.

There should be large amount of narrow-mindedness as this sustains instinct and some of the most entrepreneurs successful I’ve met maintain their instinct. It is an energy that they instill in things they do and how they do them.

The obstacles we overcome translate into experience, later become assertiveness and eventually the principles by which govern ourselves/companies. So, in essence you probably know enough to get you through today, this week and probably the year.

Through consistency, sharing experiences and acknowledging greatness. I have met many interesting people, all of whom, have contributed greatly to my being as well as the developments implemented in my business thereafter.

Now I realize that the fear with which I stifle myself actually caused stagnation more than growth.

Have you discovered your true essence or is it buried somewhere under your fears of what might not be?

What have been your experiences?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Are your basics in place?

I have found that most new businesses, mine included, focus on impementing fancy and detailed "clutter" to their companies. The fact that precedes all else is that the basics work all the time.

By the basics here I mean being consistent in offering your service and keeping clients happy. If you are not in the business of forecasting then leave it to the experts.

The difficult thing with new businesses is having the confidence to know you've got a winning formula, but instead of applying this long enough we often shift focus.

Work on the premise that a client is someone who either has or is using your services. Not someone who promises you a bigger pie than what you currently have, if you give your services.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Are you prepared?

With the festive season almost upon us, it’s time once again to review the plan for the next few months. For me this is a time to formulate a strategy that will inspire more people to take part in their own development. It’s the busiest time of year in terms planning my execution strategy.

How is everyone else doing it?

I find myself doing everything on my own at this time year with people caught up in other things they do. During the year I’m in endless meetings that sometimes don’t even allow time on other elements of the company.

It’s crunch time once again.


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