Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Becoming obsolete

On Sunday afternoon, after the rush of the week we decided to go attend a show hosted by a friend. I have been to quite a few of these and thought they were great in the beginning. They reminded me of a time when I was 16.

Many products, companies and strategies appeal to the 16 year old in us. We have evolved since the first video game and as a result find a lot of that material archaic. I find that as people we grow but keep our approach similar to where we had started.

Is your audience developing as individuals, or are you targeting a group in a particular space and as they develop they no longer qualify as clients?

There are exceptions, where focus is based on a certain individual and as long they are there then you are in business. This is where most companies miss the mark, for me that is. They stop listening somehow and continually do what worked before.

We only stayed because a friend was hosting. Is that how most people run their businesses?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Netweb Seminar idea

We are planning a Netweb Seminar from the idea of Netweb Events. The strength of such an event depends on what guys with businesses want to hear. Well if you're not business yet but contemplate starting, you should.

If you were to design a "different" business event, what how would you do it? I guess we've been in the planning for a wee bit too long to think outside of it.

A few questions:

1. What would you be prepared to pay for a 3 hour seminar?
2. Where do you go to find information on stuff that's happening in your industry or business development in general?
3. Why do you attend a business event?

I would really appreciate you involvement. We've been to a number of business events most of which are the same. My guess is that most of them aren't designed by entrepreneurs, but with entrepreneurs in mind. I'll keep you in the loop about developments.

What message do you . . . .

. . . . send to clients and the prospects you want? Or need as it is in many cases.

I was reading about a talk some politicians made relating to the economy and some other significant things. We very often miss important things because the message doesn't speak to us. Quite frankly I'd much rather watch a dung beetle at work, with a peg on my nose, after I after it.

Most marketing messages don't speak to the people intended.

Things I consider when talking people are:

* Does this speak to "a" person? Or have I become verbatim?
* What do you "the prospect" get from it?

Don't get up with your own hype. Unless you are in parliament and have the national broadcaster air your speech. The people don't have to fall asleep listening to you.


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