Saturday, May 24, 2008

Making your own "Big Break"

If you wait for the "big break" then you're one of many people who haven't reaized that we buy the experience.

When developing a product which is a service offered, then you're selling the experience of what you've designed. In most instances the business I've lost was due to over-defining my offering without letting the experience speak for itself.

The product you offer:
- should be an experience your client wants use.
- must be the solution and do what it's meant to.

Once your prospects understand the solution you provide them, then their more likely to deal with you. We all link things with other similar services and products we know, which makes yours fall within the same category.

Are being the solution or only telling your prospects you will be?

Howard Mann (who'll be South Africa soon) described this as : Reaching the Top 3% of your Industry.
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