Friday, January 25, 2008

Your company . . . a concept

I'm finding latelty that most businesses are created around a concept and when this is understood it then becomes easier for prospects to buy into YOU. .

People are interested in other people thereby buying a concept that is closely linked to them as opposed to a similar quality product marketed to the same target. I figure that if the concept is current and continually refined then people will come back for more.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A short conversation with Litha Nkombisa. . . .

I had the pleasure of speaking to Litha Nkombisa whose accomplishments are more than what I can post here. It was in September of 2007 and he was returning a call I had made to him about a speaking engagement he was keen to do at my seminar.

He is one of the you people want to meet and know you’d like to engage in conversation about their achievements and what their driven by. Or at least I wanted to meet. Have you ever thought that if you met a certain person you’ll know exactly what to ask them? This is was one of those encounters and you could tell he is genuinely interested in developing young entrepreneurs through his experiences. Sadly though there were time constraints that didn’t allow this.

He is one of the founders of the first black-owned BMW dealership in the Johannesburg CBD and they’ve also opened the first black-owned Volkswagen dealership. The energy he emitted during that short conversation was inspiring and enough set to aflame my desire to achieve the dream.

There is a TV advert done by Litha where he says: “When I was a little boy I dreamed of owning a BMW, but now at given time I own 40?” It’s quite a tear-jerker. . . . . Live your dream.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Does coaching have any impact on your business? Inspiring entrepreneurs. . . .

Though we all know that being organized personally improves your impact as an entrepreneur we still perceive them as separate. Instead of having someone tell you what habits you need to adopt, as most motivational books would, this leads you actions that are relevant in your lifestyle. My notion of progress is relative to where to I am and engaging in relevant activities increases your rate of success because there isn’t a universal definition thereof.

Shamillah Wilson of Sowilo Leadership Solutions introduced me to methods by which I can replace my own negative thoughts and actions with progressive actions, therefore the outcome. This process was fascinating as it allows you to direct yourself through daily, weekly and monthly actions plans that you implement, which contribute to your objectives. The results you attain are directly connected to the energy you emit and actions taken, which means everything you do has an impact on what you will achieve.

She enables you to realize a range of strategies by which you can approach your goals and understand where you’ll be once it happens. Did you ever want something and later realized it wasn’t fulfilling? Well I have, but understand now that it’s part of my development as a person and entrepreneur.

Are you being creative to get where you want to be? In most instances we want to arrive at a certain point of our lives, but don’t see how we are being to remain where we are. Having understood that planning to reach a certain place of my life requires vision it was disconnected to the person I have to be to accomplish that. So being in line with who should be to get there has to be reviewed at all times.

Are you always being who you know you should to get there?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Your concept is great without the external acknowledgment

I have come to understand that we are looking for someone else to confirm that we are doing great things as entrepreneurs, but we more often than not we want this greatness to come in the form of profits, recognition and fulfillment. Does this sound like you?

It has now occurred to me that I should talk about people I meet, especially if you have a great business concept and are driven to succeed with everything you’ve got. If you want to create progress in the lives of other entrepreneurs through your experiences, then I’ll write about you in this blog over the next month.

I started this blog to add value to business people and one way of doing that is creating a conversation about you, your business concept and experiences yet while building your dream.

This connection between you and other entrepreneurs will prove that no energy projected is in vain. Have you ever thought that some of your hard work is not paying off? Well, I have but know now that some of it will benefit me later. This realization has led me to wanting to meet as many like-minded people as possible.
I’d like to meet more people who live only by the drive of their dream and those who have built on that foundation.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Celebrate your Passion. . . .

There are blogs and then there are those that just set your spirit alight. Ones that really get you thinking about why you started everything in the first place, because we tend to forget the dream while going about life's oblogations.

Last month Thom Singer of Some Assembly Required ( was blogging about celebrating your passion, which really had me stoked. I always thought there must be a single thread that is common among successful entrepreneurs and he proved this.

I'd really like to know from him what it is that keeps his energy levels so high and keeps him this excited about what he does. Most young business owners I've met are easily discouraged, which means there's something they don't know that only few do and Thom is one of these individuals.


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