Thursday, November 22, 2007

No such thing as . . .

I had a lengthy chat this morning with a lady who is in the branding of small business. The point of the discussion was that all businesses should create a brand that speaks for them.

However, she meant that fancy signposts create a brand and that this material becomes descriptive of your business. To a certain degree this is correct, but even a business that doesn’t have such marketing material can still make astounding impact.

It’s the conversation you create around yourself that makes all the difference.
We all have to find a way of creating talk around our business, first as a concept and through the service offered. It’s the experience people have of your brand that speaks more than any material. And if you manage to have clients approach you based on a business card – but crap service offered - then their network won’t use your service.

You are the ultimate change in all there currently is. . .
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