Saturday, February 02, 2008

Facilitated networking. . .

. . . is a decision made after quite an interesting January at aQuaNova as we're planning our long awaited launch seminar which will be hosted on the 28th of February. This promises to be highly inspiring in fact my speakers are very eager to share their insights on networking as a marketing effort. We have decided to reduce our tickets from R325 to R250 so we can reach as many young businsses and entrepreneurs as we can.

More will be posted about the seminar as more value and developments are added. But very briefly the seminar will be about marketing for you and your business. After numerous meetings and debates with the speakers we have concluded that people want to connect with other people even at buisness level.

Have you ever been to a seminar and thought you'll meet a lot of interesting people, but didn't have the nerve to introduce yourself to more than 10 individuals? Well I have . . . And the first few times I went to networking events I was lucky if met people in 3 other tables except my own. Both the speakers and myself will ensure that people make an exchange with a minimum of 15 people.
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