Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There are go to guys and then there’s Lantz Mattinson. . .

I met Lantz Mattinson through an enquiry I made with DataPro and must say this was a much postponed errand. The experience I had with IT specialists had been flawed with coding and software I didn’t have. . Or care to acquire. . With the many sources of online advertising available it is worthwhile to select one that works in your context - both financially and with usability.

Lantz made a few recommendations - still does - based on my enquiry and noted that I should be consistent with my weapon of choice. Getting web traffic can be made easy through consistency and improving the mode selected. His expertise in developing and suggesting implementation plans have been the source of most of our online marketing mediums.

He is my "go to guy" who always offers new suggestions on what is slowly becoming the old web. Do you find it exciting being online? It just tends to feel like work at times if the routine doesn’t change. But if you know someone who makes it exciting to do it, then it just gets better all the time.

Technology for small business – and probably business in general – becomes another department on its own. But if you have a new business to run with a busy schedule then diverting your focus might be of more detriment than good. So who’s your go to guy or do you even have one?
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