Thursday, February 14, 2008

Design the events for your progress

aQuaNova is an events design company where we put in place occurences for the development of entrepreneurs. I've realized that there are events, occurences, incidents - call them what you will - which happen at any point in time and these grow you as a person. Don't you often think that at some point there were so many things that happened in a short space of time, which shaped the person you are? In my seeing this I realized how much had to accelerate my growth and that of my network, hence my previous post.
If we were to meet as little as 2 new people a week that make a 2% improvement to our business and us to theirs, then we'd have a profitable year. So, with this in mind I have resolved to design events that cause such, if not more, change to businesses.
People can lead you to:
1. More business prospects.
2. Ideas they've had in the past which imrpoved their businesses.
3. Marketing links and resources.
It's not external resources that we need most of the time, but the ability to peform with more effeciency once new knowledge has been acquired.
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