Monday, June 01, 2009

Nedbankers: Ask 10 times

So this morning, I woke up 45 minutes later than usual with the intention of going to Nedbank.

First there was a long queue outside the branch, with staff doing their own thing inside. The teller said my card had been destroyed. I then realized it had been close to a year since applying for it.

I gave their contact centre a call when I got to the office, who assured me that the problem was resolved and I now only had to go the nearest branch.

The next teller typed things onto her pc then said all was good “please go make a deposit sir and you’ll be issued with a card”.

I then went to a teller by the name of Ruth who requested me to call the contact centre again. By now, my patience was extremely thin. It turns out they had to do the whole thing at the first branch within 15 minutes.

That is branding to me, it’s how they’ve branded themselves.

So much for their “ask once” slogan. I asked about 10 times and it cost half my day.
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