Friday, June 26, 2009

Root for the underdog

It has been quite a week. Bafana made it to the semi finals, gave Brazil a literal run for their money and this morning brought with it the sad news about Michael Jackson.

The general perception among many entrepreneurs is that, once you go mainstream you've sold out. Most people rooot for the underdog and that was the case on Twitter last night during the Bafana game. The University of South Florida also proved it a in a study they did. In business it's difficult to get your foot through the door if no one knows you from a bar of soap. Once you have, then relationships need to be built.

Michael Jackson on the hand is proof that mainstream can be far more ruthless and anticipate perfection from you. It's not enough to kick you while you are down, but they might even wipe you off the radar.

So, while you develop your business model don't be of the misconception that it becomes easier once you've made it.
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