Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Define your game : Always

It's been a frantic few weeks. We were almost wiped out, but learned a few things from this experience which I'd like to share with you.
Your past victories don't define you
  • People don't really know what you are capable of, neither do you, until you do.
  • The things you have accomplished as a business or individual in the past, don't apply anymore
  • The hype surrounding you is based on past victories, that is also threatens to divert your focus.
Comfort will wipe you out

You were willing to rewrite the game that, if anything, is what you knew when you started. It was enough. You knew a change was needed, but you somehow you lost the plot. Somewhere in your path, you started thinking "I'm the best there is". But there is someone younger, hungrier, more innovative and they are watching you.

Be prepared to redifine your own rules

The hardest thing is realizing - what you used to know is no longer true. Companies and people that are making it constantly re-write the rules.

Don't wait to get wiped out, your game was great yesterday and doesn't necessarily need fixing. You should keep doing it.

How are you redefining the laws in your industry?

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