Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What’s in a name?

I’m a regular reader of Guy Kawasaki’s blog which does a lot of justice for business owners and has applicable information.

His recent post on business naming I found was valuable in that most names are taken even distinct phrases, but we are in a time where people associate with companies which compliment them. So, we all need to be careful when naming a new company as this might be the only thing you are remembered by.

Now, there are even online applications that make this process easier than I would imagine it once was. How do you want to be remembered by a possible client? This for me is very significant, because I’m out to make a change in the mindset of people – a shift regardless how small – and a name can start this process.

The most popular brands are the ones we all talk about and thanks to Google alert – you can now whenever your name is mentioned on the internet. If a name can cause more people to engage in conversation about you, then more of us will be interested in what you offer.
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