Friday, July 31, 2009

Online Marketing and PR: Podcasting

Old rules are constantly being changed by bootstrappers. People like you, who constantly find innovative ways to spread a message.

The Digital Edge weekly podcast has become a leader in online marketing and PR. They’ll be sharing insights on:

- Developing your own podcast.
- Marketing a podcast both online and off.
- What goes into becoming influential in that space.

Saul Kropman of Cambrient, the magician behind The Digital Edge will give a talk at the Netweb Event. With only 29 episodes to date they’ve managed to change perception both on and offline.

Netweb Event details

Date : 05 August 2009
Venue : Cappello at Ghandi Square
Time : 18:30
Admission : Free, you cover your dinner and drinks

Signup here to join us for dinner.
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