Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Netweb Event: One Matchstick into a movie

On May 20th we announced, with excitement, our Netweb Headstart competition sponsored by Missing Link. The purpose of this competition is to tell the story of small developing companies, and do so innovatively. Our challenge of changing the perception of what develops a startup had been made easier. It meant some transformation was soon to occur.

We advertised the competition, sent out notifications through the Netweb Event and invited people to apply. Most guys made all kinds of silly excuses. The ones who came to the party didn’t pitch at the event. Those who came arrived late. The one who came on time turned out to be more innovative than most.

It must have been the 60 second pitch which rattled people. That started August, with its dusty autumnal winds and a nasty cold front, now popularly known as women’s month in South Africa. Telana (in the middle) of onematchstick.co.za, who ended up not doing the much dreaded 60 second company pitch, took the prize. And she’s not an ice maiden.

This will turn her one - matchstick - for – offices – trade into what we’ve now termed a movie. “Not at theatres near you.”

I’d like to thank the, main – and – only, sponsor Missing Link for the faith they’ve shown in our cause. They rock and already know it.

Congratulations to the one matchstick trader.
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