Friday, April 24, 2009

What money cannot buy

Small businesses are sold on what money buys. And quite frankly they don't have much of it to around.

3 things I thought our company cannot survive without:
  1. Glossy business cards.
  2. Fancy marketing that looks professional but does little.
  3. A business plan to convince your banker.

The unwritten code was: Look and sound unrealistically larger than you currently are, as an emerging company.

After the whole myth. I found that small companies do not use what they have available to them for growth.

What I suggest:
  1. Be in the conversation or the conversation where possible.
  2. Turn strangers into friends as said by Seth Godin in Flipping Funnel
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Read the Business Brickyard by Howard Mann, which you can download here. Or get the hardback collector's version here.
  5. Define, in a minute or two, what problem you're solving.
These are just a few of the things money cannot buy. As for the ones money can buy, you can join us for the Netweb Event. You still wouldn't pay for it though.
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