Monday, January 14, 2008

Your concept is great without the external acknowledgment

I have come to understand that we are looking for someone else to confirm that we are doing great things as entrepreneurs, but we more often than not we want this greatness to come in the form of profits, recognition and fulfillment. Does this sound like you?

It has now occurred to me that I should talk about people I meet, especially if you have a great business concept and are driven to succeed with everything you’ve got. If you want to create progress in the lives of other entrepreneurs through your experiences, then I’ll write about you in this blog over the next month.

I started this blog to add value to business people and one way of doing that is creating a conversation about you, your business concept and experiences yet while building your dream.

This connection between you and other entrepreneurs will prove that no energy projected is in vain. Have you ever thought that some of your hard work is not paying off? Well, I have but know now that some of it will benefit me later. This realization has led me to wanting to meet as many like-minded people as possible.
I’d like to meet more people who live only by the drive of their dream and those who have built on that foundation.
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