Friday, February 06, 2009

Netweb Event: Thank you's

The February 2009 Netweb Event was made great by the support of a lot people. There are far too many names to mention but here are some few:

  • Shamillah Wilson of Sowilo : Thanks for making it to speak and once again transforming my perception.
  • Telana Simpson: People found your interview inspiring.
  • Don Packett who not only is a comedian, but also knows his way technical stuff.
  • Ricc Webb had a very interesting story to tell about the appreciation of little things.
  • Nikki Viljoen: Thank you for making it and contrubuting valuably.
  • Lantz Mattinson: Thanks a boatload for making it and the online marketing ideas.
  • StevieB for the interview and an opportunity to spread the word.

The gig wouldn't have happened with out every single person attending as they did. We appreciate all of you guys.

Netweb Event video footage will be available for you to view on NetwebTV and our youtube channel here.

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