Monday, October 20, 2008

Websites: The theory v/s Facts

A conversation I had with a client of ours got me thinking of the
theory behind websites.

Most companies and individuals are of the theory that websites do
something on their own. The world would be great place if they did.
The current notion, in our clientbase is:
* Design a website.
* Go live.
* Leave the content there.
* Go about your business.

The fact is websites are about the content, content, content and
updating that content regularly. Our current client has a lot of such
content to work with, but requires direction in packaging it. This
gives us more to work with as packaging makes for designing an online

No one is interested in websites, especially me and I work with them.
It's the content that keeps me going back. Your offline personality
has to link back to your online brand. Blogging is also becoming an
old tool but still very relevant as it keeps things fresh.

Imagine that you are creating another you that has to be responsive
and make new friends. A clone. . . You need this other you to grow in
the online environment and be referenced in other discussions.

My current facts about online personalities:

* Update your content regularly.
* Don't assume people know you.
* Websites are not interesting.
* Offer value online.
* Explore other online tools.
* Find places to direct readers to you. * Remain humble or learn humlity.

This is only based on my experiences and learnings up to so far. We
learn new stuff everyday though as people bring new challenges and
adventures to work with.

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